Welcome to the Wilderness!

In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus was led by the spirit to the wilderness. It wasn’t just a time of solitude for Him, it was a time of testing, of trial, and of triumph. In this space, He knew His worship and devotion to God was of utmost importance and because of His knowledge of the Word of God, He was able to withstand the tests the enemy threw His way. 

With this in mind, throw yourself into the same scenario. As you’ll come to read right off the bat in James, trials are a part of Christian life. It’s not a matter of IF they show up, but a matter of WHEN. One of the greatest tools God has given us in this life is the sword of the Spirit - His Word (Eph 6:17). He knew this living and active Word would be a powerful tool in the hands of His children against the weapons of the enemy.

So whether you’re preparing for battle, or in the fight right this very moment, we hope you’ll journey into your own daily wilderness, led by the Spirit. We encourage you to strip everything back to the basics and know that a life lived with Him is a life that has all that it needs.

At the end of that story in Matthew Chapter 3, the Bible says He was attended to by angels. In the same way, He will be all that YOU need, and attend to you personally, when you take the time to wander His Word.

We have an eternity before us, beloved. A heavenly Father who gave His one and only, His dearly loved Son, to call you His very own child. He longs to meet with you. Heaven is knocking, dear friend, it’s time to answer!

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What a beautiful commission and gift to the body of Christ! Thank you for using your gifts and talents for His Kingdom and His glory!


Laurel Durham

Laurel Durham December 10, 2020

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