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Wandering Wilde with Amelia Zobrist | A Christian Podcast for Women

Join host Amelia Zobrist for intimate conversations with everyday women who share their stories of faith, resilience, and growth. This podcast fosters a safe and nurturing space for women seeking a deeper, more intentional relationship with God, emphasizing that faith is a journey of wandering, seeking, and experiencing God's presence in the midst of everyday life. Subscribe today and become part of a community of women who are growing and thriving in their relationship with God!




Meet Your Host

Amelia Zobrist is the Founder and CEO of Wandering Wilde Co. She and her husband Zach have a fun (and let's be honest, quite chaotic) life with 7 kids that are all under 9. A creative at heart, with a background in Psychology, Church Ministry, and Worship Leadership, Amelia is passionate about equipping women with the tools and encouragement they need to grow closer to God and study His Word