We create Bible study resources to make your time in the Word personal, intentional, and attainable. We are deeply passionate about encouraging others to spend time in God's Presence every. single. day. Whatever that looks like! And we hope our resources help you achieve that goal! It's not about perfection or crossing time in the Word off your daily checklist - it's only about having an intimate relationship with the Father. Wander in His presence with us!

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wandering wilde with amelia zobrist

As Jesus was led to the wilderness by the Spirit in Matthew 4, we hope this podcast will encourage you to journey into your own daily wilderness, led by the Spirit. In Wandering Wilde, you'll find honest, encouraging, and inspirational conversations to remind you that you're not alone, that you truly can grow closer to God each day, and that you have all you need to be transformed by the Word. Join Amelia Zobrist, Founder of Wandering Wilde, every other week to be reminded that a life lived with Jesus is all that we need.

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Wandering Wilde

Blessing | Wilde Cards