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Many women struggle to engage with the Bible in a personal, intentional, and consistent way, hindering their ability to grow in an intimate relationship with God.

We provide Women's Bible Study resources that empower you to overcome these challenges and cultivate a deeper connection with the Father. Our passion is encouraging daily encounters with God's Presence, recognizing that this journey is unique for each woman.

Our resources are designed to facilitate intimate connecting with the Lord. We know it's not about merely checking off a daily task on your to do list, but about wandering intimately in His presence.

Join us on this journey into the wilderness and experience the transformative power of His presence with us!

wandering wilde with amelia zobrist

a christian podcast for women

Join host Amelia Zobrist for intimate conversations with everyday women who share their stories of faith, resilience, and growth. This podcast fosters a safe and nurturing space for women seeking a deeper, more intentional relationship with God, emphasizing that faith is a journey of wandering, seeking, and experiencing God's presence in the midst of everyday life. Subscribe today and become part of a community of women who are growing and thriving in their relationship with God!

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Wandering Wilde

Blessing | Wilde Cards