What Makes Our Lives Distinct? Ordinary Miracles with Kathryn Maack (BONUS EPISODE)

Welcome to a Special Bonus Episode of Wandering Wilde: "What Makes Our Lives Distinct? Ordinary Miracles with Kathryn Maack"

In today's heartwarming bonus episode, we delve into the theme of 'Ordinary Miracles'—those seemingly small, everyday moments that hold the capacity for profound spiritual encounters. Join me, Amelia Zobrist, as I sit down with the inspiring Kathryn Maack, co-founder of Dwellings and a passionate advocate for the believer's journey.

Kathryn brings a fresh perspective on how ordinary life moments can be gateways to extraordinary spiritual experiences. She shares a personal story that beautifully illustrates how a simple act of obedience can lead to life-altering miracles. Her insights are a gentle reminder to cherish every moment, recognizing God's hand in our daily lives.

Throughout our conversation, we explore the importance of noticing and valuing these 'ordinary miracles.' Whether you're navigating growth, facing challenges, or celebrating life's joys, Kathryn's experiences and wisdom will undoubtedly resonate with you.

So, whether you're commuting, enjoying a peaceful walk, or relaxing at home, tune in to this special episode. Let yourself be uplifted and moved by our discussion on the beauty and significance of ordinary miracles with Kathryn Maack. It's an episode filled with hope, inspiration, and the reminder of God's ever-present love in our lives.


My Key Takeaways From the Episode:
1) God's presence is what makes us distinct. His presence in our ordinary everyday lives is what sets us apart as His children and gives us the opportunity to experience the miraculous in the midst of the mundane.

2) Most of the time miracles occur in the midst of very ordinary moments and it's easy to explain it away, but the danger of explaining it away means that we could often miss out on the miracle that God has for us. If we're open and seeking to be in communion with God, the miraculous is available to us! 

3) The meaning of Romans 8:28 - it's easy in our human nature to get angry at God when we are going through a trial. After all, couldn't He have changed our circumstances? But His promise to be WITH US in the midst of a trial is so much greater. God's presence truly changes every aspect of our lives.

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