Amelia Zobrist: Founder, CEO of Wandering Wilde Co., and Podcast Host

Amelia Zobrist, the heart and soul behind Wandering Wilde Co. and the voice that resonates through its inspiring podcast. Amelia is a christian women's speaker dedicated to guiding women into the wilderness where they will find a deeper connection with God.

She is passionate about making God's presence a daily reality for women from all backgrounds, helping them foster a relationship with Him that is both personal and profound. She makes it her mission to equip women with the tools and resources they need to spend time in God's Presence and grow closer to Him. She strives to encourage women from all different walks of life to be in God's presence every single day and to build a relationship with Him in a way that's personal, intentional, and attainable.

With her background in Psychology, Church Ministry, and Worship Leadership, Amelia brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her role. Her approach is rooted in intentionality and accessibility, ensuring that every woman feels equipped to experience God's presence in meaningful ways.

Amelia's reach extends beyond the podcast, serving in the local church and speaking at various women's events and conferences. Her ability to connect with both women and teens in small groups gives her opportunity to share a deep understanding of every woman's need to be in God's presence.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Amelia's personal life is a vibrant tapestry of love, faith, and a little bit of chaos. Alongside her husband Zach, she navigates the joys and challenges of motherhood, adoption, and raising seven children, all under the age of nine. This experience not only enriches her perspective but also adds a down to earth and genuine touch to her encouragement.

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