Fall in Love with God's Word (with Brittany Ann) - Episode 9


Raise your hand if you wish you read your Bible more often. I imagine if we were in a room together, you’d look around and see everyone’s hand up. Friend, so often we live with unrealistic expectations and guilt-ridden reflections about our time spent in God’s Word. That’s why I’m so excited for you to hear from my friend Brittany today!

Brittany Ann is an author, speaker, and founder of EquippingGodlyWomen.com, a popular website dedicated to helping Christian women of all denominations be ALL IN in faith and family. She’s also a wife, mom to three, and an avid chocolate chip cookie lover. Most of all, Brittany is passionate about helping women take their faith off the back burner. 

In this episode, we talk about common roadblocks to reading the Bible, lies we’re often telling ourselves, and practical solutions for overcoming these hurdles! I know you’re going to walk away with encouragement to strengthen your faith, trust, and relationship with the Lord.

My Key Takeaways

1) You’re not alone. Brittany shared a statistic that reveals 59% of Americans want to read their Bible more. Yet, only 31% read their Bible at least once a week. If you feel like you’re the only one struggling to read your Bible, don’t believe the lies the enemy heaps on in shame. 

2)What if we fell in love with it instead?” Instead of viewing God’s Word as an obligation, or something we have to do so God will like us, what if we fell in love with it instead? We can shift our language and habits (and pray that God will help us in this) to make Scripture something compelling we WANT to experience. Like Brittany mentioned, even simple shifts like taking a walk while we listen or sitting outside to read can cultivate habits we enjoy.

3) Don’t wait until you feel like it. Have a habit of consistency laid before you’re in crisis. Building a rhythm of Bible reading in a more normal season of life will lay a firm foundation that we can call to mind when seasons of doubt and discouragement creep in. Brittany’s free resource on building a quiet time plan is helpful!

4) Give yourself grace and give yourself discipline. I loved how Brittany paired these together. Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “read this every day or else.” But it does tell us to meet with God regularly. God most wants a relationship with us, not a checklist! But to have a relationship, we need to spend time with Him. So while we have grace with ourselves on days we miss, we also practice the habit of discipline because we know its right, wise, and good.

Resources Related or Mentioned

Our passion is to create Bible Study resources to make your time in the Word personal, intentional, and attainable. Pair one of the following with your quiet time plan!

Simple Guided Journal

Use this guided journal as an invitation for you to experience time in His Word daily.

Wisdom Guided Journal

Dig deep into the book of James: this unique journal was created by women who are passionate about women seeking the presence of the Lord in the Wilderness.

Deeper Guided Journal

The Deeper Journal takes the reflections of the Simple Journal and adds four additional prompts to help you in your study of scripture. Like the Simple Journal, Deeper can be used wherever you are already wandering in the Word. If you're not pressed for time in your wandering, this lovely journal will help you wander a little deeper. 

Rejoice Guided Journal

Wander through Philippians as this journal walks you verse-by-verse through the book.

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