God's Heart For You (A Message From My Heart) - Episode 4


We've got a bit of a different podcast for you today. No guest. Just a short message from my heart.

In the Fall of 2019, I found myself just overwhelmed by the noise of life. This ultimately led me to a 21-day journey "wandering the wilderness" to pursue and hear from God. I never would have expected it, but during that experience, God used Song of Solomon to speak so deeply to my heart. Let's be honest... most of us haven't spent that much time in that book, but it sparked a deep curiosity in me to discover what else I have missed in Scripture.

I truly believe there's a reason you're coming across this podcast today. It's not to "pile on" the pressure of spending time with God, but to remind you of the peace He desires for you to experience as you simply sit in His presence. I pray that this podcast truly is an encouragement to you today!

Episode Highlights

1) We, as God's children, should know how to sit at His feet and hear His Word, and that be enough. At the heart of Wandering Wilde is this right here. The truth is that we don't always need to be told how to think through Scripture. We desire to equip women to simply spend time in the presence of God, hearing His heart for their life.

2) God desires to connect with you. If there's one thing I hope you take away from today's episode, it's this. God deeply desires to simply spend time with you, to speak to your heart, and be with you on your journey.

3) Quantity is not the goal. Just a few weeks ago, I realized that my perspective of my quiet time looked a lot like how I viewed the rest of my daily tasks. It's so easy for time in God's Word to become another thing to check off our to-do list. Consistency is important, but the purpose of time with God, and what He desires for us, is SO much deeper than that.

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